Our Commitment To
A Greener Future

We are thrilled to offer an intentional approach to environmental sustainability across our extensive network of properties worldwide. Our commitment to a greener future is reflected in our meticulously crafted eleven metrics, a testament to our dedication to ecological stewardship.

  • No Single-Use Plastic Cutlery or Water Bottles

    No plastic cutlery or plastic water bottles are provided by the property. This approach significantly reduces the property's plastic waste footprint, mitigating the environmental impact on local landfills and marine ecosystems.

  • Zero Waste

    The property has achieved zero waste, including setting up a composting system for organic waste, which may be used for on-site gardens or donated to local communities. This initiative not only diverts waste from landfills but also contributes to soil health and reduces the need for chemical fertilizers.

  • Water Conservation

    Engage in broader water conservation beyond water-saving appliances, with strategies such as rainwater harvesting for non-irrigation purposes, implementing water reuse systems, or other water mindfulness strategies. Such practices ensure the sustainable use of water resources, safeguarding them for future generations while reducing the property's operational costs.

  • Sustainability Certification or Membership

    Achieve recognized sustainability certifications (like LEED, Green Globe, EarthCheck) and memberships in sustainable tourism organizations to demonstrate commitment and stay updated on best practices. This not only enhances the property’s credibility and appeal to eco-conscious travelers but also drives continuous improvement in sustainability performance.

  • Guest Education and Engagement Programs

    Develop opportunities for interactive programs or workshops for guests that focus on sustainability, local culture, biodiversity, or environmental conservation, enhancing their overall experience and awareness. These programs empower guests to make more sustainable choices in their lives, extending the impact of the property’s sustainability efforts beyond its immediate surroundings.

  • Support for Local Wildlife and Habitat Conservation

    Participate in or contribute to local wildlife conservation projects or habitat restoration initiatives. This support helps preserve biodiversity, maintains ecosystem services, and enhances the natural beauty of the area, attracting visitors and fostering a deeper connection between guests and the local environment.

  • Electric Car Charging Station

    The property has at least one electric car charging station. Encouraging the use of electric vehicles addresses greenhouse gas emissions from the transportation sector, another significant source of emissions.

  • Energy-Efficient Windows & Insulation

    The property has energy-efficient windows and energy-efficient insulation. Good insulation significantly reduces the need for heating and cooling, leading to major energy savings and reduced emissions, particularly in climates with extreme temperatures.

  • 100% Renewable Electricity

    The property’s electricity is 100% renewable. This has the most direct impact by eliminating greenhouse gas emissions from electricity generation, a major global source of such emissions.

  • Carbon Offsets

    The property compensates for at least 10% of total annual carbon emissions by purchasing certified carbon offsets. This direct action compensates for currently unavoidable emissions, contributing to an overall reduction in net greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Regenerative Business Practices

    The property commits to additional regenerative practices that go beyond any of the other 10 metrics listed above. This goes beyond sustainability and focuses on restoring, renewing, and revitalizing natural and social systems.

  • Energy Efficient Appliances

    Energy Efficient Appliances or Devices This property has energy efficient appliances or devices which are designed to consume minimal energy or resources during operation. Some examples are energy-efficient refrigerators, smart thermostats, solar powered appliances, high-efficiency washing machines.


Our Impact

On each Ohm’s listing within the membership platform, you will see which of the metrics above that particular Ohm abides by.

In our journey toward reducing our ecological footprint, we encourage every member of our community—from Ohm Owners to Retreat Leaders, and retreat attendees to community partners—to take both incremental steps and significant strides. Inspired by the myriad of environmental stewards in our Sacred Ohms family, we recognize that the path to sustainability is a collective effort, requiring continuous dedication and innovation.

There is always more to be done in our mission to minimize our impact on the Earth. We cordially invite you to join us in this transformative journey. Together, let us pave the way towards a more sustainable, interconnected, and thriving world, where each step we take is a step closer to a greener tomorrow.