Affiliate Terms & Conditions

1. Affiliate Incentives:

- Sacred Ohms is a platform that connects the owners of retreat properties and homes (“Ohms”) to retreat leaders who are seeking an energetically aligned space that is tailored to fit their desires for hosting their experience.

- Sacred Ohms may end this incentive at any time and for any reason without notice.

2. Retreat Leader Discount:

- New retreat leaders will receive a discount of $222 on their first booking over $3,333.

- Sacred Ohms may discontinue this discount at its discretion and without prior notification.

3. Promotion Code Restrictions:

- Promotion codes are non-transferable and are intended for single use by the original recipient only.

- Codes cannot be exchanged for cash and must be used on the company's website.

- Certain products may be excluded from promotions, details of which will be provided with the promotion code or on the website.

- Excluded items do not contribute towards promotional thresholds and do not receive promotional discounts.

4. Use of Promotion Codes:

- By using a promotion code, you confirm you are the authorized recipient and are using it legitimately.

- Misuse of promotion codes, including unauthorized redemption, may constitute a legal violation.

- Sacred Ohms reserves the right to refuse, cancel, or withdraw promotion codes if they are suspected to be used unlawfully.

5. Order Adjustment:

- If a promotion code is deemed invalid when processing an order, you will be notified prior to dispatch to confirm the actual cost and you may cancel the order if desired.

6. Claim Period for Promotions:

- Promotion codes must be claimed within the year they are issued.

7. Modification and Termination of Promotions:

- Sacred Ohms retains the authority to modify, cancel, or deem promotions void at any time without liability.